Sustainability, broadly speaking, can be defined as the ability of a system to maintain its balance over a long period of time in order to tackle challenges or threats. Social responsibility, on the other hand, is usually employed to evoke ethical obligations to ensure the benefit and prosperity of society. Currently, various approaches on how sustainability can be achieved have been suggested. One of the most renowned efforts is the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) focusing on quality education, gender equality, climate change, good health and well-being, and partnerships for achieving the goals, among others.

However, perspectives on sustainability and the role that community engagement can play in achieving it are still lacking. It has been well argued that solutions to local and global challenges can only be found through the collaborative work of different academic disciplines, and through partnerships between academia and communities. In other words, solutions can only be achieved when all stakeholders work together. However, it is still unclear how such work can effectively be undertaken in sustainable ways. More specifically: What types of partnerships can be established? How can we implement effective interventions and how can we assess whether or not the interventions are effective? How can social responsibility in community engagement be promoted and nurtured both in academia and community and in the shared initiatives?

Therefore, the theme of the call for submission for our second issue aims to:

  • Discuss the role of community engagement in achieving sustainability and social responsibility;
  • Provide discussions on different viewpoints, theories and models on sustainability and social responsibility in community engagement;
  • Explore the dynamic interactions between sustainability and social responsibility in community engagement, from academic and community-based perspectives;
  • Investigate current approaches to facilitate sustainability and social responsibility; and
  • Encourage new studies on SDGs and the role of social responsibility in community engagement to achieve these goals.
Published: 2022-10-03